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The Sony Computer Entertainment created the famous PlayStation Portable (PSP) handheld video game console which formed part of the 7th generation portable video game consoles. PSP was released in Japan in 2004 and in March and September 2005 in North America and the PAL region. The console has undergone many improvements since its release, with PlayStation Vita being its first successor.

A Glimpse of PSP

PSP compared well to 6th generation consoles such as the Xbox, PS2, and GameCube in terms of graphics and memory capacity. In addition, with a dual processor and hardware accelerator, it was capable of running ports that were the same as those of the initial PS2 versions.

Its introduction was a tremendous success despite the opinions that it was a very expensive handheld device compared to former ones.

Some consider it to have been a failure after Nintendo DS almost doubled its sales despite it having excellent hardware. However, it still made it among the highest-selling handheld devices and video games of all time.

Presumably, PSP had one of the strongest RPGs and had a great variety of game genres.

How To Get Playstation Portable ROMs

Electronic devices and computers use the Read-Only Memory (ROM) to store sensitive information. ROMs are unique as any information or data stored cannot be modified or altered after creation or electronically erased.

ROMs store video game data making the original program that runs the game remain integral from one console to another. In addition, they keep the data from user modification and deletion.

Video game ROMs are particularly designed for their explicit consoles, and hence one can only play one ROM on its specific console. However, you can now play PlayStation Portable games on your readily available device by video game emulation.

Retro games have been copied to ROMs, and this gives easy access. Since you cannot get old PSP game consoles today, you can only enjoy their play with the aid of PSP ROM games. To start your play, you will need the PSP ROM file, which contains a copy of the classic PSP game you wish to play and an emulator.

Some of the best PSP ROM game titles include:

PS Portable continues to remain one of the most popular consoles of all time. Nowadays, you do not need an actual PSP console to enjoy classic PSP video games. All you will need is to download a PSP ROM file and a compatible emulator to enjoy them on your device anytime, anywhere. Using the sites provided, you will get any of your favorite Playstation Portable ROMs.