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The Nintendo Dual Screen or simply Nintendo DS in short is a handheld game console that was released by Nintendo after their popular console - the Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Advance SP.

You probably know how popular, fun, and entertaining Nintendo Games have been in the retro gaming world. Some of their most popular consoles such as SNES, NES, and Nintendo 64 have continued to entertain generations of people across the globe.

Today, RPG games are all the rage but many gamers still remember Nintendo consoles and games that introduced many adults to the exciting world of gaming quests and thrilling adventures. However, one of the most notable creations of Nintendo is the Nintendo DS console, simply known as DS in short to many gamers.

The Nintendo DS was a hugely famous handheld console before the year 2004 when handheld gaming devices with a working touchscreen were not as common as they are today.

If you still recall the early Pokemon games designed for Nintendo handheld consoles, then you truly appreciate how popular the DS was back then. Besides Pokemon, other wildly popular games played on Nintendo DS include Ping Pals, Spider-Man 2, Kirby: Canvas Curse, and Polarium just to mention a few.

The DS was first launched in 2004. The Nintendo DS Lite was later released in January 2006. It came with a brighter screen and a smaller compact design. A thinner new Nintendo DSi model with two cameras, 256MB internal flash memory, SDHC-card slot, and a larger 3.25-inch screen was released in October 2008.

However, the new model lacked a slot for GBA games and more protection from Hebrew software was added to the console. You couldn’t even use emulators with the model but many computer savvy enthusiasts were able to break the restrictions and build working emulation software.

Notable Features of the Nintendo DS

One of the most notable distinguishing features of the Nintendo DS is the availability of two screens. The dual screens work together perfectly with the lower screen working as a touchscreen to help you control the game with much ease.

The console also features a built-in microphone that makes it possible to communicate with other players on your friend list in the gameplay.

The Nintendo DS also comes with support for wireless standards that allow players to interact directly with others within a range of 30 meters. The console supports stereo sound and is compatible with all games from GBA. The NDS lite comes with improved sound, better graphics, and a thinner lighter frame.

Download Nintendo DS ROMs

You can still enjoy the experience of retro games by emulating NDS on modern systems such as your computer and Android or iOS devices. The NDS ROMs and game emulators are quite popular today and can even be downloaded free of charge.

If you are looking for the easiest and most effective way to play all popular Nintendo DS games such as Super Mario 64 DS, Mario Kart DS, the entire Pokémon series, and many more, all you need to do is download Nintendo DS ROMs and have a great time playing the games you enjoyed in the past. You don’t need to have a console to enjoy the games again because you can play the games with the help of an emulator.

We also have high-speed fast servers to help you download the NDS ROMs and begin playing the console games on your computer and mobile devices. Remember to give a rating of your favorite NDS games to contribute to each game’s total votes.