Nintendo GameBoy (GB) ROMs

Nintendo GameBoy Games

The Game Boy was first released in Japan. Nintendo opened up the new frontier of portable gaming to the masses over thirty years ago, forever changing the video game environment. The Game & Watch series of the corporation allowed you to carry limited gaming experiences with you on the move, but the Game Boy was a very different beast.

The Nintendo GameBoy console was a revolution when it was released in Japan 25 years ago today. The screen was tiny, and the graphics were confined to shades of grey on a dreary green background. The original version may today appear hopelessly big, but it was breathtakingly sleek back then, a genuine console that could be played anywhere — a brilliant gaming analog of the personal stereo.

The Micro vision, launched in 1979 and billed by its manufacturer, toy giant Milton Bradley, as a "programmable electronic game system," was the first handheld games machine with interchangeable cartridges. Surprisingly, the console was nothing more than a box with a small screen, with each game cart having its own central processor and memory chip.

Despite the introduction of many other, technologically superior handheld systems during its lifetime, the Game Boy was a huge hit. The Game Boy and Game Boy Color have sold a total of 118.69 million copies around the world. Within weeks of its introduction in the United States, the whole one-million-unit cargo was sold out.

The main controls for playing games are on the lower half of the Game Boy's front frame. The Game Boy includes a directional pad and four operation buttons labelled "A," "B," "SELECT," and "START." On the right side of the console, there is a volume control dial, and on the left side, there is a similar knob for adjusting the contrast. At the top of the Game Boy is a sliding on/off button as well as a slot for Game Boy cartridges.

Today you can play Nintendo GameBoy games with the help of emulators, ROMs. They can be used on almost any device like phone, tablet, PC or laptop. Find your favorite Nintendo GameBoy ROMs and enjoy.