Privacy Policy

Romspedia Privacy Policy

Romspedia LLC cares about the privacy and integrity of the privacy data it comes in contact while operating. Below are listed the different type of privacy data we gather while visitors use our websites and the steps we take to protect the data.

Gathering and Processing Privacy Data

Everytime you visit our website, we fully respect and care about your privacy. It is in Internet's nature to collect user data while visiting a website using the IP address of the visitor automatically. The IP address is not enough to collect sensitive information about the user, but with cooperation with the Internet provider it is possible to find out the exact persona. Romspedia LLC will never ask for visitors sensitive data from the provider.

Cookies on Romspedia

When using our website, there are small textual files created on your computer also called "Cookies". The cookies are used in form of cache and their natural use is to speed up the website on repeated use as well as track the browsing of the user through the website with an aim to improve the user experience provided.

Romspedia use advertisments in order to keep this website alive. Our partners include: /

Romspedia has no access to or control over these cookies that are used by third-party advertisers and if you have problems or want to know their privacy policy you should visit their official website or contact them directly.

There are also privat browsing options available with each browser if you wish you block Romspedia for saving cookies on your computer.