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All About the Pokemon Fire Red - A Classic Pokemon Game

Pokemon lovers around the world developed an insane craze about the latter’s gaming franchise, right from the time of its release around 5 decades back. Launched in several serial editions, the games have continuously excelled in achieving a global appreciation through 8 generations of the franchise, welcoming improvements at each stage. Among these, the Pokemon Fire Red, a Pokemon Generation III game is a classic example of excellence.

An Insight into the Development Story

Talking of the inaugural release, the Pokemon Fire Red had its initial launch in Japan as a remake of Pokemon Red, a 1996 release in the role-playing genre. In January 2004, Nintendo, along with the Pokemon Company, collaboratively published the game on the Gameboy Advance platform.

The game was made accessible to North America in September, followed by Europe in October of the same year. The games were a part of the 3rd Generation Pokemon gaming franchise and claimed to be the first improved remakes of previously released Pokemon games.

The Game Setting

The Pokemon Fire Red welcomes its players with a visually stunning setup, centered in the distinctive Kanto region of the Pokemon world, with an elusive diversity of assorted geographical dwelling spaces of the different varieties of Pokemon species, enormous cities and towns inhabited by the human populace and wide traversing routes connecting different locations.

The players need to collect specific game elements while training their Pokemon with different abilities to access certain areas within the region. As the players approach the end of the gameplay, they are welcomed to the Sevii Islands that did not have a mention in the 1996 released Pokemon Red Game.

These are recognized as a group of 7 islands, harboring Pokemon of the Johto region, while simultaneously including a few post-game tasks, which require completion to enable trading with Sapphire and Ruby for acquiring Pokemon exclusive to the Hoenn region.

The storyline of the Game

The hero of the game is a child of Pallet Town. The gameplay starts with the players beginning to venture through tall grass when they are stopped and warned of wild Pokemon dwelling within such grass by Professor Oak, the distinguished Pokemon researcher. He further alerts players on the danger of facing such Pokemon all alone. The players are led to the Professor’s laboratory to meet the latter’s grandson, who aspires to become a Pokemon trainer.

The players, along with their opponents are asked to choose a starter Pokemon to begin their journey. The opponent of a player invites the latter for a battle of their just acquired Pokemon while recurring with the duel at specific points within the entire gameplay.

As the players land in the next city, they are required to make parcel delivery to Professor Oak. Reaching the laboratory, they are gifted a Pokédex to maintain a record of every Pokemon being captured. The professor wants the players to compile a detailed list of the game’s total Pokemon.

The game progresses with the players reaching Pokemon Gyms, where they meet Gym Leaders, who ought to be defeated by the players to obtain Gym Badges. On acquiring 8 such badges, the players enter into the Pokemon League, having the best Pokemon trainers within the entire region. Here, the players fight against the Elite Four, while combating Team Rocket, the Pokemon abusing criminal organization. The players need to destroy the latter’s malicious attempts to steal rare Pokemon species to defeat Giovanni, the organizational head.

On the way back, players need to foil Team Rocket’s nasty attempts, while recovering the Ruby and Sapphire elements and restoring them in the master computer at One Island. The players are now allowed to trade with Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, XD and Colosseum.

Pokemon Fire Red Cheats

Reward: Unlimited Rare Candy in PC

Type: Code Breaker

Reward: Have all 8 badges

Type: Action Replay

Reward: Complete Pokedex

Type: Code Breaker

Reward: Unlimited Master ball in PC

Type: Code Breaker

Reward: No Random Battles

Type: Action Replay