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Metroid Fusion - Your Leap into Action Packed Adventure

Console gaming is an entertainment realm that has something or the other for the widest of player preferences. All through role-playing and treasure hunting to thrill, fantasy and adventure, you get to relish the leisure dish of your choice without any hustle.

If you are a doting fan of action-based adventure, do consider trying your hands at the Metroid Fusion on the GameBoy Advance platform.

Metroid Fusion - How All of It Began

Essentially an action-centered adventure quest, the credit for the global introduction of this game in the year 2002 rests with Nintendo, whose research and development franchise was responsible for developing the game as an extension of the Super Metroid in 1994. As a player of the action quest, you are required to direct Samus Aran, the game’s protagonist, through his journey of combating X, the shape-shifting scroungers to clear their infection from the space station.

Following its predecessors of the Metroid gaming series, this one is also a side-scrolling quest, with a multitude of action sequences, like puzzle elements, platform jumping, shooting, etc., that gradually transforms into an adventure mission, with the players getting a chance to traverse through different regions and landscapes. The game earned great popularity at the time of its release, owing to the classic, action-packed gameplay, precise game controls, and upbeat background music.

It is needless to say that the game is an appealing entry into Nintendo's franchise of GBA console games. If you want to experience this world-class, action-centered gaming adventure on a PC in homely comfort, consider going for an emulation of this game through a download of the Metroid Fusion ROM.

Storyline and Gameplay of Metroid Fusion

Talking of the game progression, this action-based adventure classic is rooted in an enormous, open-ended universe that has multiple regions that are connected through elevators with door-separated rooms. Being a player of the game, you are given the responsibility to control Samus Aran in her journey of fighting X and his fellow parasites.

While the protagonist is successful in opening most of the doors through a gunshot, the rest requires her to reach a definite level of the game for getting cracked. Contrary to its predecessors, the storyline has more of a linear fashion, which aids you further by introducing Navigation Rooms that guide you through your successive steps in the journey.

As the story progresses, you will get to relish an over the top action adventure with solving puzzles for unlocking secrets, enemy shootouts, platform jumping, and power up quests to take the protagonist to newer regions, where the latter sucks up X Parasites for rejuvenating health and specific combat weapons. You can access power-ups either through a download in the Data Rooms or absorption of Core-X, who shows up when the boss gets defeated. A few feature add-ons include the power of climbing ladders and grabbing ledges.

The game is a complete package of action entertainment, and is a must-try for an everlasting adventure of handheld console gaming. So why wait? Pick yours and start now!

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