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Spider Man 3 - From TV Sets to PlayStation Consoles

If you are a die-hard admirer of console games in the action genre, the Spider Man PSP gaming series is something that is bound to be on top of your playing preference list, right?

The daunting human spider working meticulously to save the good from the evil has earned a distinguished fan base in every space, be it films, literature, or console games, the latest frenzy.

While every edition of the Spider Man series is a total favorite, let’s have a discussion of the Spider Man 3 PlayStation Portable game.

Spider Man 3: The Launch Story

Talking of the exact release story, this is an action-packed, adventure gaming quest that was introduced to the world in May 2007 as a promotion strategy to complement the parallel creation of a film on the Marvel Comics character.

While the game was intuitively launched on various platforms, including GameBoy Advance, Nintendo DS, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, etc., the PlayStation Portable version of Spider Man 3 was released in October 2007.

If you wish to experience its high-end, action centered gaming adventure with friends and family, then there's an easy way to do it. We recommend to download the Spider Man 3 ISO files and install the same in any suitable emulator program.

Storyline and Game Setting

The third entry to the Spider Man franchise comes within a time frame of a few months post the events of its predecessor, the Spider Man 2, which ended with the dreary sacrifice of Octavius. The dreadful event, however, marked the establishment of peace within the city of New York, with Spider Man being there to combat every threat.

Things take a toll when 4 newly formed groups, namely the Apocalypse, the Dragon Tail, the H-Bombers, and the Arsenic Candies attempt to fragment the city amongst them, thus inviting an outrageous war between the neighbors. Elsewhere, Peter Parker, amid the mayhem in his life, gets a ray of hope when Mary Jane Watson, the latter’s childhood crush agrees to date him after coming to know about his dual life.

Trouble begins when Harry Osborn, Peter’s best comrade in the past, comes to know about the latter’s secret and starts to hate him on the false pretext of Spider Man having killed his father. In the meantime, Eddie Brock, Harry’s new enemy tends to threaten the latter’s work at the Daily Bugle.

Gameplay of Spider Man 3 for PSP

Diving into the gameplay, you will find most of the storyline to be retained from the film, Ultimate Spider Man, exclusive of a few mission alterations, with the side storylines focusing on the removal and replacement of unfeatured film characters with novel entries. The landscape mapping has been done in accordance with the limitations of the PSP platform, along with the inclusion and retainment of new and recycled CGI cutscenes from previous editions.

The most striking gameplay modification is the liberty to change the conventional red-blue attire and his black suit whenever you like, by unlocking a small, quick-time event. You are, however required to remove the black suit at regular intervals, lest Spider Man gets corrupted by the symbiote and you will lose your game.

Once you remove the suit, wait for the cooldown period to finish before it’s worn again. The suit has a rage meter which comes to zero percent on reaching the limit when the main story gets completed. Relax, Spider Man will remain alive.

The PSP version bears an exact similarity with the PlayStation 2, except for the exclusive feature of Conquest Mode, which requires you to travel across the city and finish as many tasks as you can of item delivery, protection of civilians, and battle tours within a specified time to earn the maximum hero points. Your most recent score gets displayed at the end of the time limit, and you can replay the mission any time to improve your score.

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