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Pokemon Emerald ROM Download

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Relive the Nostalgia of the Epic Pokemon Series With Pokemon Emerald

Pokemon games have earned a special place in the heart of the gaming fraternity, since their advent a few decades ago. Inspired by the classic and undisputedly popular Pokemon TV series, these games have grown to develop a separate and significant space in the world of retro and modern console gaming. Amongst all editions of Pokemon games, the Pokemon Emerald is explicitly loved by gamers across the world, thanks to its remarkable features.

Pokemon Emerald: The Launch Story

Developed by Game Freak as a game of role-playing; Pokemon Emerald was released in 2004 exclusively in Japan, by Nintendo and Pokemon Company in collaboration, on the Gameboy Advance platform. The game’s popularity caused a global launch of the game a year later in 2005. The game was an addition to the Pokemon Generation III game series and is regarded as an improvement to Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire, the first two editions of the 3rd Generation Pokemon games.

Game Setting and Storyline

As already stated, Pokemon Emerald is an enhancement of its predecessors, having a more or less similar game setting and quest storyline as that of Pokemon Sapphire and Pokemon Ruby. As the game opens up, you are allowed to select one among the 3 Pokemon species, and the gender of the protagonist, who comes up to you in a new, green-colored outfit. Having done that, you are ready to step into the actual story from your native town.

The game task demands you to catch and evolve Pokemon species to fill your Pokédex. Secondly, you are asked to battle with the Pokemon of the Champion of Elite Four and defeat the same while simultaneously completing 8 gym challenges. Amid your quest, you meet your game rivals, Brendan and Wally, the shy child who helps you to catch your first Pokemon. Further encounters include Wallace, the Champion of the Hoenn Region.


The game’s journey allows you to meet with team Aqua and Team Magma, each having an objective of changing the world with a view of benefitting Pokemon species. Teams Aqua and Magma wish to respectively expand the sea and land, again with respective summons to the Kyogre and Groudon Pokemon. While team Aqua focuses on stealing the weather-changing Pokemon, team Magma’s plan is centered on erupting a volcano.

On reaching the last two gyms, each of the teams calls upon its legendary Pokemon species through the stolen magical orbs from Mount Pyre, but the latter begins a fight among themselves, refusing to obey their masters. As a consequence, the Poke world gets subjected to alternative spells of heavy rainfall and extreme droughts, until you reach out to summon Rayquaza, the legendary Pokemon to suppress the squabble.

As you move on to defeat the Elite Four, two Pokemon species, Latios and Latias, welcome you in Hoenn. You are thrown towards new challenges in the Battle Frontier region, while meeting Steven Stone, the Champion of Meteor Falls, who has by now, powered up his original team in the earlier versions of the game. You can now track and catch Groudon and Kyogre, by communicating with the Weather Institute scientist.

Enjoying the Game

If you are keen on console gaming, you will need a ROM file of the game and a suitable emulator to enjoy the game on your PC.

While you can get the ROM file from a variety of web sources, the gaming industry is no less in presenting a diversity of emulators before you. So, hurry up and download the Pokemon Emerald ROM file directly from Romspedia.

Pokemon Emerald Cheats

Reward: Infinite XP

Type: Code Breaker

Reward: Infinite Money

Type: Action Replay

Reward: Catch Other Trainer's Pokemon

Type: GameShark

Reward: Battle Frontier Battle Points

Type: Code Breaker

Reward: 1st Pokemon Max Stats

Type: GameShark