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Pokemon Ruby - The Role Play Revolution in Console Gaming

One of the immensely successful introductions to the world of console gaming is the Pokemon gaming franchise, inspired by the hugely popular Pokemon TV series. Counting up to 122 editions distributed across 8 generations, these games are one of their kind in terms of popularity and preference. While you would conveniently drool upon any of the franchise entries, here’s a dive and discussion of Pokemon Ruby game, the inaugural member of the Pokemon Generation III, role-playing console games.

Pokemon Ruby: Narrating the Launch Story

Pokemon Ruby is a GameBoy Advance ROM, role play console utility that was brought into the gaming fraternity with the efforts of Game Freak, with the publishing credits going under the names of The Pokemon Company and Nintendo. Released in the year 2002, this game is better addressed as the ‘Advanced Generation’ Pokemon game.

As is evident, the console gaming luxury is most suited to emulated playing stations. Whether in an arena or at home; console utilities can be relished through a convenient simulation on a preferred emulation program. You can begin downloading the Pokemon Ruby ROM game here, followed by picking a suitable emulator to relish an uninterrupted gaming session at homely comfort.

Gameplay of Pokemon Ruby

Moving ahead on the footprints of the earlier editions of the franchise, the Pokemon Ruby ROM is again, a third-person, handheld console game. Housing an overhead perspective display, the gameplay comprises a field map to navigate the game’s protagonist; a menu for the player to arrange and configure the gameplay settings, party and collectibles, and a combat screen to battle out the antagonists of the story.

As a player, you are allowed to begin the quest with a single Pokemon, while increasing their count through successive Poke Ball captures as you advance further. The Pokemon engages in battles with their allies. On landing across a wild Pokemon, or receiving a face-off challenge from a fellow trainer, the gaming screen takes the form of a battling landscape for the Pokemon to fight.

Fighting combat, you are granted the liberty to use items and moves, switch active Pokemon, or even run away, but not during a battle of trainers. Pokemon have hit points as their life indicators, and the latter’s count of zero causes the Pokemon to faint and stay out until revived. Experience points are credited if your Pokemon wins over its counterpart, a definite number of which is needed for the Pokemon to advance its level, mostly into new species.

In addition to fighting a battle, the player is also tasked with the responsibility to capture Pokemon. While combating a fierce Pokemon, you can aim at capturing the opponent through a PokeBall. On a fruitful usage, the Pokemon becomes an inclusion of your active Pokemon party. The latter will, however, be stored in case your collection is full with a maximum count of 6 Pokemon. Your success in the quest is determined by factors like the number of hit points, Poke Ball strength, and status effects.