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Nintendo Entertainment System also called NES and it's based on 'Family Computer of Famicom' and it had been used in the 1980s in Japan. Nintendo Entertainment Systems version has been modified significantly and it stays popular even today in retro console gaming. It had been first released in the year 1985 in New York and Los Angeles, United States.

However, its availability in the country had begun the next year is in 1986. And in that year NES has become available in some other countries like Australia and Europe. Then in 1987, it was launched in different parts of the world the exception being Brazil as the game was made available there in the year 1993.

The History of NES

The chief developer of NES was Masayuki Uemura. His vision was of creating a console of 16-bit that has a keyboard and could make use of a floppy disk. However, the company president had rejected this idea as he felt that this is going to increase the cost so much and might make consoled uninteresting for normal users.

At the time Hiroshi Yamauchi was the president. And the main reason behind why the console that we are aware of today by Masayuki Uemura was made. It’s an 8-bit powered processor that and operates at 1.79 MHz. Back in the time, this was known to be a fast processor as well.

The first unit came with controllers that had been connected with the console itself permanently. There aren’t any ports because the main reason was saving cost. Eventually, they did add a connector with 15 pins with the console. This helped the user for connecting or disconnecting the controller as needed.

Masayuki Uemura is said to be responsible for the addition of two features that are interesting for NES consoles. Firstly, there was a lever made for its cartridge injection. Although it wasn't mandated in those years, he had a belief that kids are going to have an amazing time using this and will go ahead with the gameplay for much longer and also make use of varied cartridges. The main idea behind this was allowing children to be able to play their voices on TV speakers.

Downloading NES ROMs

More than 10 years fast forward, we are here providing NES ROMs for every single generation on the Internet. Do not hesitate to download your favorite NES games or play them online using our web emulators.