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Super Mario Advance 4 ROM Download

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Super Mario Advance 4 - Cherry on the Mario Franchise Cake

Console games belonging to the Super Mario franchise have been the priority of gaming freaks ever since the latter had their global introduction. The extent of recognition and fame received by the Mario franchise can be easily measured in the light of the fact that the little red plumber has earned exquisite favoritism, far and beyond demographic boundaries, irrespective of the love someone has or not for console gaming.

Continuing the trend, here’s a talk on the Super Mario Advance 4, another add-on to the Super Mario legacy.

Super Mario Advance 4: The Talk of the Beginning

Launched as a re-creation of the Super Mario Bros 3, the aforesaid gaming entertainment utility rests its publishing credits with Nintendo. The game is a 2003 release for the GameBoy Advance console in the latter’s range of handheld console gaming alternatives. Major add-ons of the remake include multiplayer gaming access, along with an e-Reader to scan e-Cards that facilitate the addition of specific elements into the regular gameplay.

The game is best enjoyed on an emulation set up in the comfort of your home while sharing the adventure and excitement with friends and family. To dive into the entertainment, you should download a copy of the Super Mario Advance game in form of ROM, followed by simulating the same on a suitable GameBoy Advance emulator, and that would be enough to start your gaming spree.

Gameplay and Setting of Super Mario Advance 4

The gameplay advances in the line of its parent release, the Super Mario Bros version, imitating the latter's primitive storyline. Playing the game, you are allowed to control either Luigi or Mario, the protagonists, across the 8 empires within the Mushroom World. Your task is to combat against Browser, the game's major antagonist, and the 7 Koopa Kids to rescue the rulers of these monarchies, while acquiring back the 7 magic rods from Browser and his allies, as you cross different levels to advance through the game.

You can run, jump or swim to achieve the specific stage objective, which is mostly a rotating box on a black background, containing elements like a star, mushroom, flower, etc. You can unlock and access game levels through a variety of maps, with a single-time play until you succeed in the game. Explicit features of the map include a set of bridges that collapse as you cross a level and a group of Hammer Brothers that hover around the landscape as you traverse through the gaming region.

Speaking of the diversity of in-game levels, you are exposed to the thrill and adventure of dungeon and airship levels, among many others. Moving out of the principle gameplay, you can enjoy a recreated Mario Bros game as an exciting side quest. The player count of the same varies between 1 to 4 members. As for the power utilities, all the elementary ones have been retained from the parent release, like the Starman, Fire Flower, Super Mushroom, Super Leaf, and lots more.

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