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Pokemon HeartGold - Role Play at Its Best

Editions of the Pokemon games have been a gaming cherry since they first entered the fraternity around 5 decades ago.

Launched in a diversity of genres across numerous platforms, these games are known to have something for the widest gaming preferences.

While the franchise had already gained immense popularity across three gaming generations, the advent of the fourth one was a further add-on to the matchless, classy entertainment, particularly in the Pokemon HeartGold Nintendo DS edition.

Pokemon HeartGold - An Introduction

The game essentially belongs to the fourth generation of the Pokemon gaming franchise and was launched in September 2009 in Japan as a remake of the Pokemon Gold, a part of the 1999 GameBoy Color Pokemon gaming series in the role-playing genre.

Created by Game Freak, Pokemon HeartGold was published for the Nintendo DS family with the joint efforts of Nintendo and The Pokemon Company and included a few aspects of the Pokemon Crystal. The game earned worldwide access in March 2010.

When looking for affordable solutions to enjoy the stunning gameplay at its best, you can choose to download Pokemon HeartGold ROM files here. After that, you need an emulator to emulate and play the same in a comfortable and home-based environment.

Storyline and Gameplay

Set in the Johto region of the fictional Pokemon universe, players of the game are tasked with catching, raising, and training Pokemon species, while combating their rival trainers with the aim of becoming the leading Pokemon trainer in the region.

Talking of the exact game flow, this one is an adventure-based, role-play console quest, bearing a great degree of similarity with their precursors, as far as fundamental elements and features are concerned. Viewed from an overhead perspective, the game consists of a field map, a combat screen, and the main menu. While you are allowed to navigate the hero of the game in the field map, the task of configuring the gameplay items, party, and settings are available in the menu.

You are furnished with a single Pokemon at the beginning of your adventure and can add more members of the species to your reserve by acquiring Poke Balls. Through the quest, you may encounter a combat challenge by a rival trainer, or land across a wild Pokemon. In both cases, you are directed to the combat screen for a Pokemon fight, where you are free to use any game item, move, change your Pokemon or even flee away. However, running back is not permitted in trainer fights.

The battling Pokemon earns HP, that is, hit points, which, when brought down to zero, causes the latter to faint and go for a revival to the Pokemon Center. This makes the opponent earn experience points, which need to be cataloged to a certain amount for the opponent to reach one level higher. Attaining a higher level, or meeting some preset conditions results in the Pokemon evolving into a novel species.

On a concluding note, the Pokemon HeartGold is a total relish if you love adventure gaming. You should definitely try your hands at the game regardless of the fact whether you are a Pokemon fan or not.