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Super Mario 64 DS ROM Download

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Super Mario 64 DS - Continuing the Super Mario Legacy

In the domain of console gaming, every other person around you is conveniently a die-hard admirer of the Super Mario franchise.

Regardless of the fact, that the latter would have or not, have much interest in regular gaming, Super Mario is a distinguished name for everybody.

It is, therefore, needless to say, that the little red plumber has managed to acquire potential favoritism, just everywhere. In the upcoming discussion, let us talk about the Super Mario 64 DS, a notable member of the Super Mario franchise.

Super Mario 64 DS- The Launch Story

The aforesaid game was a Nintendo creation for introducing its DS franchise to the console gaming fraternity. Released in November 2004, the Super Mario 64 DS was launched as an upgraded remake of Super Mario 64, the Nintendo 64 release of 1996.

Belonging to the platform genre, the new gaming package is loaded with an entirely fresh series of characters and collectibles, with immersive graphics and a multiplayer mode. Talking of the plot and theme of the game, you are taken on an adventure trip that aims at rescuing Princess Peach from the clutches of Browser, the nasty game antagonist.

The game is best enjoyed on emulator configured PCs for console games. To start with the process, you can choose to download the Super Mario 64 DS ROM file here and emulate the game on your system to land into a thrilling and adventurous gaming conquest with friends and family.

Plot and Setting

As you start the gaming quest, Mario is invited by Princess Peach to her castle through a letter, for relishing the cake that she had baked for him. Receiving the invitation, Mario, along with his friends, Luigi and Wario, lands at the castle. As ill-luck would have it, the brothers disappear no sooner than they arrive at the castle. Yoshi, who is informed of the tragic happening by Lakitu, the camera operator, sets out in search of the lost 4 friends at Peach’s castle.

The castle is a trunk of secret walls and paintings that are doorways to the world of Browser and his villainous allies, who are tasked with the responsibility of safeguarding Power Stars. Venturing through the castle, Yoshi succeeds in defeating Browser's allies, while collecting a few Power Stars that unlock doors in different regions of the castle, where Mario and his friends were held captive.

Yoshi rescues Mario by defeating Goomboss, and they together continue looking for additional Power Stars. Proceeding ahead, King Boo is combated by Mario to rescue Luigi, who later defeats Chief Chilly and rescues Wario using his invisibility power booster. After a 3 round battle full of obstacles with Browser, the friends finally defeat the antagonist to access a key to unlock further levels of the mysterious castle.

After filing a reserve of 80 Power Stars, Mario, along with his friends, lands on the peak of the castle for decisive combat with Browser. After the game's villain is finally defeated, the friends head back to the castle and rescue Princess Peach from a stained-glass window above the castle's main entrance. Mario is applauded by Peach through a kiss on the nose, and the lady runs inside the castle to bake her long-promised cake.

The game approaches its end with all the 5 friends waving goodbye to the players, while Lakitu, the camera operator, captures the scene and flies away. A group photo of the friends relishing Peach’s yummy cake signals the closure of the gameplay.

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