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Tekken 6 - The Chivalrous Fighting Arcade Game

Console games have captured the heart of gaming freaks all around the world. Out of the many reasons for the continuously increasing favoritism, the latter’s genre diversity takes the lead. Landing into the arena, you get to choose from the platform, adventure, action, sports, and a lot more gaming genres.

As of now, let us engage in a quick discussion of Tekken 6, the dearly loved fighting arcade game by the combat-centered gaming fraternity.

Tekken 6 - An Insight into the Game

Created and published by Bandai Namco Games, the aforesaid fighting adventure entered the gaming world on November 26, 2007. Released as the 7th edition of the Tekken franchise games, the latter marked the launch of the arcade board compatible PlayStation 3 gaming series. Tekken 6 later became a member of PlayStation Portable games on November 24, 2009.

The credit for the upgrade goes to Katsuhiro Harada, who wished to supplement the fighting streak of the game with an impressive strategic approach. He, however, was cautious enough to preserve the essence of the predecessors in the franchise.

This one is essentially an emulator-compatible game that you can relish in the comfort of your home. To begin with the same, you can always prefer a download of the Tekken 6 ISO files here and proceed to emulate the game for a cherished, home-based gaming experience.

Exclusive Tekken 6 Game Features

Interactive Gaming Stages and Character Customization

Talking of the game’s appealing attractions with respect to its predecessors, you get to see longer gaming stages with an increased level of interactivity. Traversing through the storyline, you can break walls and floors to expose newer regions to combat. There is further, an improvised facility to customize the gameplay characters. As a player of the game, you are tasked with collecting game elements that are to be used at specific instances of the gameplay.

Rage Aura

Moving ahead, you come across a Rage system that causes increased damage with each blow when the fighting characters have a vitality count lower than a preset value. The activation of the feature is indicated by a red-colored energy aura, with a flickering health bar. You are allowed to customize the Rage aura in different shades and effects to signify elements of ice, fire, electricity, etc.

Bound System

As for the Bound system, this one is another immersive feature of the enhanced gameplay. The characters have a set of moves that can be juggled together to give a hard-hitting blow to the opponents while causing them to bounce in a stunned state. This renders them greatly vulnerable to the next attacking round or an additional bound combo.

Proprietary Graphics

The game boasts immersive graphics while being equipped with the ‘Octave Engine’ for the simulation of fluid dynamics. The feature is known to create cohesive water movements in real-time, in accordance with the character advancement throughout the gameplay. The high-end graphic engine makes sure that the players enjoy realistic and smoother character animations.

In the light of the fact that a combat game essentially needs animation to depict a realistic gameplay motion, the latter has received a special developer focus. Most of the newly introduced or restructured animations either represent the induced damage or open novel gameplay choices.


The character lineage of the gameplay comprises 39 playable entities in total, out of which, 5 are exclusive to Tekken 6, while the rest 34 have been retained from the predecessors in the Tekken franchise. You also get to meet Azazel and NANCY-MI-847J, the 2 unplayable bosses of the game.

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