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10 Legendary Nintendo Characters We Once Adored

10 Legendary Nintendo Characters We Once Adored

Nintendo games have kept gamers around the world glued to their consoles since the time of their inaugural release around 5 decades ago. Though with variations in popularity considering the diversity of global population spaces, almost every gamer is familiar with the excitement and adventure quotient these games have to offer.

Talking of story characterization, among other applauded features of Nintendo games, a number of celebrated game characters, both heroic and villainous come to vision as a running flash. Given in the following section, is a discussion to attempt a remembrance of a few of the most popular Nintendo characters.

Best Nintendo Game Characters of All Time


super mario character nintendo

Beginning the list with the king, any discussion of Nintendo games is incomplete without the inclusion of Mario, which is undoubtedly, the most loved and fantasized character in the world of virtually all console games considered together. The adorably amazing hero of the storyline is certainly the pivot behind making video gaming a popular means of mainstream entertainment.

From being a short, red dressed plumber at the start of the game, you will find him traversing between attires of a doctor to a paper airplane. The audio-visual setting of the storyline and the exotic gameplay is further responsible for keeping players captivated to the game for endless playing sessions.


ash character from pokemon

If you are an adorer of Pokemon games like Pokemon FireRed or Pokemon Black 2, you can invariably never miss out on Ash, the cute and consistent Pokemon trainer, who is on the quest of becoming a Pokemon Master by collecting and training Pokémon species. It is amazing to watch him making extraneous efforts to cross a diversity of hurdles and overcome nasty challenges thrown by his villainous counterparts, as the story progresses.

Regardless of you being a fan of the game, Ash’s intelligent ways of combating the anti-hero characters of the game and the affection he shows towards his adorable cat Pikachu, will make you fall in love with the character.

Donkey Kong

donkey kong character profile

This one is a lovable gorilla toddler that takes you on a racing journey to his jungle world, through spell bounding and exciting adventures on the way. The game franchise has visibly taken care of every gaming aspect, right from the storyline setting to the audio visual effects, to provide players with the perfect and everlasting gaming experience.

It is a bet to set your eyes off this lovable character DK, as he tries to remain ahead of all gaming challenges and quest hurdles to win the race. The developers have continuously worked on improving the character’s appeal in the later versions of the game like that of Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong Country Returns.


bowser character profile

Do you belong to the class of gamers who seem to be more fascinated by villains as compared to heroes? If yes, then this hot-headed turtle is definitely going to be your favorite. Not restricted to a particular one, you can find this character in a variety of Nintendo 64 console games, mostly as the nastiest counterpart of Mario, the parallels favorite protagonist of all times. This lizard-turtle is possibly the coolest of all gaming villains that breathes fire and has an obsession with abducting and captivating the princess in the game’s storyline.


pikachu character from pokemon

The ‘oh so adorable’ cat Pokemon is certainly the lucky mascot of the Pokemon gaming series. A constant companion of Ash, the hero of the game, this cute cat is responsible for the huge success of the Pokemon franchise over the years.

Talking in the line of business terms, Pikachu remains to be the most loved and profit generating Pokemon in the world, the obvious reason behind its consistent stay in every edition of the game to date. After all, the ‘Pikachu’ phrase in the lovely kitten accent is something that is simply unforgettable.

All of the Miis

all nintendo mii characters

These are quite popular characters that proved to be the backbone behind keeping Nintendo Wii games held against their console counterparts. It was definitely an intelligent idea to run personalized Mii characters in parallel to Wii console platforms and was the crucial aspect to reinvent the market credibility, branding, and profit generation of Nintendo games.

The idea became popular enough to bring about the launch of a separate series of Mii-centric console games. You can get a genuine visual relish of watching the characters unfold the gaming mysteries, crossing hurdles, and overcoming challenges to complete the gaming quests.


wario character from nintendo

This Nintendo character became a successful gaming patron on account of its invincible existence throughout the storyline during the initial editions of the game. The later versions of the game, were, however, released more as a series of mini-games in the comedy genre. This villainous counterpart has been a cringy annoyance to many of the Nintendo gaming heroes, particularly the Super Smash Bros and the Mario Party storylines. The character was later sidelined by Nintendo towards the release of modernized editions of the franchise but is still remembered as a commendable antagonist.


kirby character profile

This one lands among the most appealing and fascinating Nintendo characters over decades of console gaming. The game boasts of an enriched fun element throughout the storyline, with the lead character Kirby using his copy talent to advance the gameplay, along with developing enough interest to keep you captivated to the very end of the gaming conquest.

The most pronounced edition of the franchise was released as Kirby’s Epic Yarn; where you will see Kirby, the protagonist of the game gets literally turn into a ball of yarn. If nothing else, this can be a fantastic correlation with Mario turning into paper!


link from legend of zelda

Who can forget this adorably stunning protagonist, undertaking a journey through a never-ending series of nasty and enduring challenges to save the princess from the clutches of the drastic demon? Launched as the hero of the Legend of Zelda franchise, the character has been exceptional in ruling the heart and interests of players who are arduous fans of adventure oriented gaming.

Another aspect of Link’s notable fan base across the gaming world is the consistent effort of developers to transform the character’s appearance and design through different editions of the franchise, particularly, the Windwaker and the Twilight Princess.


dimitri from fire emblem

This character had a recent launch in 2019 in the Three Houses edition of the Fire Emblem franchise of Nintendo games. As the hero game, this brave prince belonging to the Holy Kingdom of Fergus, attempts to safeguard the needy and under privileged people from the evil powers of the region through his amazing war and strategic skills.

Recognized as the leader of the Blue Lions, Dimitri happens to be the most influential and powerful character in the gaming quest. Dimitri's history as a deprived and helpless child motivates him to prevent the weak from suffering like him.

Nintendo games are cherished preferences of console gamers across the world, on account of their unique storylines and wonderful character designs. Most Nintendo characters still have a strong fan base in the gaming world, long after their first release, owing to the fact that they have been excellent examples of fun, adventure, and entertainment, dedicated to providing the perfect and contented gaming experience to their players.