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Donkey Kong Country - A Revolution in Home Console Gaming

The advent of home console games brought the most cherished gaming luxuries to the convenient disposal of console game lovers.

One of the major founders of the legacy was the Donkey Kong franchise, which was chiefly inspired by the Super Mario series. The game is credited with being the pioneer in using pre-rendered graphics and 3D models for a more realistic and immersive gaming experience.

Let us dive into some further details of the game in the following article.

Donkey Kong Country - How All of It Began

Launched in 1994, the aforesaid game was created and published respectively by Rare and Nintendo for SNES, that is, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The game was essentially released in the platform genre to redefine the Donkey Kong franchise. The storyline encompasses the adventures of the uncle-nephew gorilla pair of Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong, as the duo set out to regain their stolen banana hoard from Kremlings and King K. Rool.

Traversing through the game adventures, you as a player are required to collect elements, while combating bosses and enemies. You can prefer the multiplayer mode to envisage a cooperative as well as competitive gaming quest. Playing the game on your PC is pretty simple, requiring just an emulator and the Donkey Kong Country game ROM, which can easily be accessed and downloaded from here.

Gaming Modes

You can enjoy the game both as a sole player or play along with your friends in multiplayer mode. As a lone player, you are allowed to control one of the two-game protagonists, who are either the monkey Diddy Kong or his uncle, the gorilla Donkey Kong. You can switch between the characters as required by the specific game sequences.

Within the multiplayer mode, you can either compete in the Contest mode or cooperate in the Team mode. In the former, you can control your specific set of Kongs in a definite color, while the latter lets you assume the role of any of the Kongs to cooperatively follow through with the gaming quest.

Plot and Setting

As stated above, the Donkey Kong Country ROM is an improvised remake of the decade-old Donkey Kong franchise games, that is, 1981 released Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr. launched in 1982. The game is essentially a side-scrolling platform genre release, divided into 40 different conquest levels. Talking of the present story, you will see Donkey Kong, the inaugural hero of the game, getting old and reaching the Donkey Kong Island. He further proceeds to transfer the island’s mantle to his grandson by signing the ‘Cranky Kong’ agreement.

All seemed well until one night, the island was ruthlessly invaded by the crocodilian Kremlings under the leadership of King K. Rool. The nasty invaders ended up stealing the island’s hoard of bananas. The real quest of the game begins with Donkey Kong and Diddy, the latter’s nephew, setting out to recover their property from the Kremlings.

The game progresses as the duo traverses the entire landscape of the Donkey Kong Island while combating the villainous Kremlings in between. It costs them a lot of sweat to defeat the henchmen and land across the Gang-Plank Galleon vessel. The pirate ship is supposed to be the hideout of King K. Rool and his allies. The protagonists engage in a fight with King Rool, while supposedly defeating the latter to take roll credits.

Things, however, get ecstatic when K. Rool rises to fight again. The battle unleashes more fiercely, with the Kongs taking the upper hand this time and overpowering the nasty antagonist to finally recover the banana hoard.

Donkey Kong Country Cheats

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