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Super Mario World - A Stunning Add-on to the Mario Franchise

Talk of retro console gaming, and the first thing that involuntarily strikes your mind is the little red plumber of the Super Mario franchise, on a tireless run to save his princess. While the original game is already an evergreen gaming delight, some other games of the Mario league have also achieved considerable success in keeping gamers glued to their consoles over all these years, an important entry being the Super Mario World.

Introduction Story of the Super Mario World

Talking about the release of Super Mario World, the game was launched in 1990 as a 2 dimensional, side-scrolling platform game by Nintendo, affordably for the SNES that is Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Referring to the general aspect of the game, the plot demands Mario, the protagonist to save Princess Toadstool from Browser, the nasty villain in the storyline, and his allies.

Game Description

Being an add-on to the Super Mario Bros 3, the plot of Super Mario World opens up with a quest of the two brothers, Luigi and Mario planning a vacation to the Dinosaur Land along with Princess ToadStool. The vacation spot is set within a prehistoric theme and looks more like a world of fierce dinosaurs and other ghastly enemies. As the three decide to rest on the beach, Browser, the game’s antagonist, captivates Princess Toadstool.

As the brothers wake out of their sleep, they begin their journey to look for the princess and land across a huge egg in the woods, after a never-ending search. What happens next is Yoshi, a little dinosaur surprisingly hatches out of the egg and narrates the sad story of his little dinosaur friends being held captive in similar eggs by the nasty Koopalings.

The brothers have a quick realization that Browser and his allied Koopalings are the culprits. Yoshi then joins the quest of the Mario brothers to save his friends and Princess Toadstool, while traveling within the Dinosaur Land in search of the Koopalings and their master, that is, King Browser. As a sign of support, Yoshi gifts a cape to Mario at the start of the conquest.

The game proceeds further with the Mario brothers, while knocking out the Koopalings, keep following the evil Browser and rescue Yoshi’s comrades. Their quest approaches its end with their arrival at Browser’s Castle, followed by a decisive battle. Mario and Luigi finally emerge victoriously and rescue Princess Toadstool, and peace comes back to the Dinosaur Land.

Super Mario World Cheats

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