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All About Super Smash Bros - The Ultimate Combat Game

Within the realm of console games, Super Mario rules as an undisputed favorite of all time. However, there are some other Nintendo 64 games that have maintained a significant fan base over the years. Talking of retro releases, the launch of Super Smash Bros in 1999 brought about a revolution in the world of Nintendo console gaming. While the original game is a masterpiece of its own, it has only grown better with later releases of the franchise.

Super Smash Bros: An Insight into the Game

Introduced to the global world of gaming by Nintendo in the year 1999, this one was originally launched as a crossover combat game between 2 players. Playing the game, you will meet most of your favorite Nintendo characters, including the exceptional Super Mario, the adorable Pikachu from Pokemon, the cute gorilla from Donkey King, the diligent Link from the Legend of Zelda, and many more.

The game further includes some characters from third-party console gaming franchises, like those of Sonic the Hedgehog, Final Fantasy, and Street Fighter. The inaugural edition of the Super Smash Bros franchise was launched with 12 characters to complete the gameplay, but the number kept on increasing with every new entry into the franchise.

The Super Smash Bros Gameplay

Talking of the specific gameplay, there is an element of contrast with respect to most of the popular combat and battling game series. While the latter concentrates on defeating opponents by depleting their life bars, the former is interested in knocking counterparts off the ring and making them cross limiting game boundaries.

The combating characters have a rising damage count that indicates their degree of vulnerability towards the opponent’s attack, which simply means that the higher the damage count; the greater are the player’s chances of being knocked out of the game, up to an accuracy of 999%.

Knocking out your game opponents requires you to make them cross the boundaries of the playing stage in any direction, while your opponent may attempt a recovery to the gameplay through specific abilities and jumping moves. The possibility for a character to bounce back into the game is dependent on its abilities, moves, and weight. Light-weighted characters with much flexible movement abilities show a faster recovery in comparison to the heavy ones with lesser responsive moves.

Game Elements

Another striking feature of the Super Smash Bros franchise games is their reserve of gameplay elements. These are indeed storehouses to varieties of combat weapons, including those of battering elements, like the beam sword and the home run bat for hitting the opponents; throwing elements, such as Koopa shells and Bob-ombs; shooting weapons, like the fast-firing blasters and the one shotgun; and many more.

Playing Modes

Talking of the modes of gameplay, you are allowed to make a choice between the Stock and the Time modes. To win a game in the time mode, you need to maintain the highest score, while knocking out all the opponents within the preset time limit. You will get game points for knocking out an opponent, and lose the same on getting knocked out or falling off the stage on your own.

The Stock mode grants you a preset number of lives at the start of the game, which you lose one by one on each knockout. If you run out of stock, you are eliminated from the game. The player who eliminates all his opponents, while having a stock of lives is the winner of the game.

If you are a fan of console games and love the genre of action and adventure, Super Smash Bros is the perfect game for you. Getting better with each of the latest releases, the game is all set to take you on an action-packed adventure ride, which you will probably never forget!

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