Sega Genesis (Megadrive) ROMs

Sega Genesis Games

ROM consists of a Read-Only Memory. This electronic storage comes equipped in a device from the manufacturing itself. You can find ROM chips in electronic products like computers, gaming consoles, car radios, VCRs, etc. These ROM chips come installed on the inside or on external units such as auxiliary memory devices and flash drives. Since a ROM memory is of a non-volatile nature, it can even stay viable in the absence of a power supply.

Downloading Sega Genesis ROMs

The Sega Genesis is a super-popular video game console that was released on 29th October 1988. It was first released in Japan, but it later spread to other countries in the following years. Sega is responsible for creating and selling this game. The console goes by a different name called “Mega Drive” in countries that are outside of North America. This 16-bit 4th generation is the third console of Sega and also the Master System’s successor.

The Genesis features a 16-arcade board, and it is centered right around the processor of Motorola 68000 like the CPU. It also possesses the Zilog Z80 as the sound controller. The console’s video system also supports hardware sprites, scrolling, and tiles. It supports a library of over 900+ games on cartridges that are ROM-based.

There was also a release of numerous add-ons, and that includes the power base converter for playing Master System games. This console was also released in multiple varying versions, where some of them were made by 3rd parties. Here, Sega made two network services for supporting the Genesis, i.e., Sega Channel and Sega Meganet.

There are many gamers who are disappointed with the discontinuation of this console, especially because of its wide collection of games. But it is possible to bring them back by downloading an emulator as well as the ROM files. Don’t fret because they are available to download for free. We encourage you to start using ROMs.

Best Sega Genesis Games

One notable thing about the Sega Genesis console includes its wide selection of games. Every single player loves their games, and some of the most-played titles consist of: