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Back in the 1990s, Neo-Geo was one of the most popular arcades to play if you lived in Japan. The console was first launched in Japan in 1990 by SNK Company and it was only available there.

It was a complete unit that was advertised as a 24-bit processor console although in reality, it came with a 16/32-bit CPU and an extra 8/16-bit processor called Z80. It also featured graphics GPU with 24-bit BUS.

Another notable feature of the Neo Geo console was that it came as a Multi Video System (MVS) first. A majority of Neo Geo ROMs available today are listed as MVS. The original console came with slots for up to 6 cartridges which allowed you to have multiple games in the same console and still save space.

In a gaming arcade, players would simply insert coins into the console and play their favorite games. You could also replace obsolete games with new ones sourced from the Neo Geo Rental System. The system was an Advanced Entertainment System that worked as a game rental service because of its high price.

The Neo Geo was, however, considered as a rare high-end luxury gaming console mainly because of its high price. In 2012, a new version of the console known as Neo Geo X was launched on the gaming market worldwide.

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