Capcom Play System 1 (CPS 1) ROMs

Capcom Play System 1 Games

The Capcom Play System or CP System consists of a board of arcade system type. Capcom developed it, and it runs gaming software stored in the removable daughterboards. It was released back on 13th May 1988 but was discontinued on 11th May 1995. Arcade titles up to two dozen+ were made and released for the CPS-1. But later on, it shifted its gaming development to CP System II, which is its successor.

From the 33 titles that were released concerning the original Capcom Play System, the popular ones included games like Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting, Street Fighter II: The World Warrior, and Street Fighter II: Champion Edition. This console comes equipped with the Motorola 68000 CPU @10 MHz. Also, its display has 4096 colors, raster, and pixels about 384 x 224. It also features an eight-way joystick, along with 3-6 buttons.

Dating back to its history, Capcom wanted to create a system board, which can be utilized for running numerous games. It was for reducing costs associated with hardware and also for making the system attractive to the arcade operators. They have been developing this hardware for over 2 ½ years, from 1985 till 1986. Here, they made two custom microchips during this period called “Super Chips.” It is equal to the printed circuit boards of over ten normal arcade’s powers.

However, the system faced plagues from several bootleg versions of the games. For instance, there were numerous bootleg versions of the “Street Fighter II” game, which resulted in it being more popular in certain countries compared to the official one. But Capcom virtually eradicated this issue in the next CPS-II. Also, the hardware of the CP system was used in Capcom’s failing attempt towards penetration of the home console market. It was the domestic version called “The CPS Changer” that had similarities to Neo-Geo AES.

We are compiling a list of the infamous games from this console and its series. These games are totally playable once you use to download and install the emulator. They are as follows: