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The TurboGrafx-16 also goes by the name of PC Engine in regions that are outside of North America. This 4th generation video game console happens to be the 1st console that was marketed within the era of 16-bit despite it using a modified type of 8-Bit CPU. Hudson Soft and NEC Home Electronics are responsible for creating and selling the console, respectively.

This console features a video color encoder of 16-bits, a CPU of 8-bits, and a video display controller of 16-bits. Here, the GPUs are fully capable of showing 482 colors in a simultaneous manner out of the 512. It is, without a doubt, the tiniest gaming console in the history of video games. It spans a dimension of about 14cm x 14cm x 3.8cm.

Its games were available through HuCard cartridges. Later on, it came via the optical format of CD-ROM accompanied by the add-on of TurboGrafx-CD. But due to its weak marketing and delayed-release, the console didn’t perform that well in North America. However, it did really well in Japan and even outsold the popular “Famicom” during its debut in 1987.

It started gaining immense support from 3rd parties and ended up as the main rival of Super Famicom. The TurboGrafx-16 has over 17 different models, and that includes the portable versions as well as the ones with the add-on of CD-ROM. PC Engine SuperGrafx, which is an upgraded model of the console, was released in 1989. There were multiple performance enhancements, but it was discontinued since it failed in catching on. But the console’s entire series faced discontinuation in 1994. Here, the PC-FX succeeded them but was only available in Japan.

Here is a list of all the popular and exclusive TurboGrafx-16 titles. They include:

These are some of the legendary throwback games that you can expect from these emulators. You will feel like you are reliving those old days all over again. These exclusive TurboGrafx-16 ROMs are fully accessible online.