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R5 Beta 3

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To some people, Snes9x Euphoria is the best Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) emulator for PSP. Users can download and install it manually for free, but the emulator also allows playing it online. Its exquisite rating comes from the perfect replication of the hardware. Playing SNES games over PSP will feel like the original experience – no actual differences. The speed is identical, as well as the smoothness. Small details and issues have not been improved, as the developer has mostly focused on accuracy.

Since SNES games are copyrighted, users will have to find the ROM images themselves – none of them is included in the package. Other than that, the emulator has a little over 5MB in size, so it should not require too much space. The installation is straightforward, yet the download file also has a file with instructions. Finally, it is important to know that most SNES games can be played through Snes9x Euphoria.