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Consoles Emulated
GBA / NDS / PSX / PSP / N64 / SNES / Atari 2600 / Atari 5200 / Atari 7800 / Atari Lynx / Wonderswan / Wonderswan Color / Neo Geo Pocket / NES / Famicom / GB / GBC / Virtual Boy / TurboGrafx16 / Turbo Duo / PC-FX / 32X / Sega CD / Game Gear / Megadrive / Master System / Sega Saturn

Download OpenEmu for macOS

Date Added
2018-06-10 12:46:32

OpenEmu Information

OpenEmu is a super multi-system game emulator. It’s one of the only emulators designed specifically for MacOS, making it an obvious choice for Mac users. OpenEmu can emulate many different consoles, such as the Nintendo Entertainment System, Genesis, Gameboy, and many more through a plugin interface. OpenEmu’s unique design allows third party developers to add new cores without having to utilize any MacOS APIs.

OpenEmu was first released in 2013, with its most recent release being in late 2019. What sets OpenEmu apart is its gallery-style ROM library, allowing a gamer to browse their ROMs in a modern interface, rather than keeping track of various files scattered across their computer.

OpenEmu features real-time 3D effects and image processing, full screen support, graphic filters, the ability to scan an entire disk for ROMs so they can be automatically imported, and the automatic downloading of game information and cover art. This emulator can play multiple ROMs at once, and has support for external controllers both via USB and via Bluetooth. This means you can use game console controllers while playing on this emulator, such as an Xbox 360 controller! With over 10 million downloads, OpenEmu is the clear choice for any MacOS user who wants a high quality emulator.