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Mac BeebEm is one of the leading BBC Micro emulators out there. Initially created by David Gilbert in the 1990s, the emulator has been through a series of improvements from other specialists. Mike Wyatt brought in multiple updates and he still maintains the emulator, yet there have been no official releases over the past years. In fact, the latest release came out in 2017 – no news since then, so some may suspect the project is abandoned.

The initial Mac BeebEm was initially created for UNIX systems. However, the version for Windows 98 has gained notoriety overnight and it is still the most popular one in the world today. While Mac BeebEm is only suitable for Mac OS X, other versions run on Pocket PC and Agenda VR3 too. Mac BeebEm is available as freeware and the source coded is included in the package should anyone try to come up with updates.