FinalBurn Alpha

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Consoles emulated
CPS 1 / CPS 2 / CPS 3 / Neo Geo / TurboGrafx16 / Game Gear / Megadrive / Master System
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What is FB Alpha emulator?

FinalBurn Alpha is a general emulator. It is a source available software that emulates multiple arcade platforms. The emulator has suffered a few different forks. These days, the development has been abandoned. Some of the latest versions were released a few years ago, but no further updates have been given. A few active forks kicked in, but most of them were abandoned too. The project was based on FinalBurn – one of the top rated Capcom CPS2 emulators out there. The project died in 2001 and its source allowed the release of various unofficial versions. FinalBurn Alpha became the most successful and complete one.

FinalBurn Alpha stands out in the crowd due to the impressive variety of supported systems. It also brings in a straightforward interface and a top notch performance. It is resource intensive and provides access to numerous settings. It is still widely available to download for free.