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Are you looking for a Nintendo DS emulator for Android? With a 4.5/5 ratings and 111,000 votes, DraStic is one of the most popular and well-reviewed emulators. DraStic emulates all Nintendo DS features and adds some of their own for increased functionality, such as fast forwarding, any-time saves, cheat codes, and even the ability to save a game directly to Google Drive so it can be restored or shared with a friend using the same emulator. This emulator comes with graphics acceleration, allowing over 2x higher resolution than a real Nintendo DS offers. You can play any game you want in either landscape or portrait mode, and I do mean any game – DraStic supports all games developed for Nintendo DS, with support for add-on controllers and physical controls such as an nVidia Shield or Xperia Play.

DraStic can be downloaded either from the Google Play store, or as an APK file from third party websites. There is only one downside – at the moment WiFi and multiplayer emulation are not available, however they are working on releasing that feature in the future. At only $4.99 from the Google Play store, DraStic is a bargain when compared to the cost of a brand new Nintendo DS, and it has even more features.