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Top 10 Pokemon Game Boy Advance Games

Top 10 Pokemon Game Boy Advance Games

If you have been a gamer at any point in your life, you know that the Game Boy Advance was the perfect handheld console in its time. It had almost every feature to entice every young kid out there. It was one of the most successful handheld consoles by Nintendo, and it made the company grow leaps and bounds.

Pokemon was one of the most famous games for Game Boy Advance, and it had a lot of varieties. Like every other Nintendo games series, it had a very big fan base. Fans waited for each new version to drop, and the hype which got generated was unreal.

Newspapers and magazines were usually swamped with every new release, and all the kids saved their pocket money to buy the newest version. Here are the top 10 Pokemon Game Boy Advance games which you can play to relish the fun.

Top 10 Most Popular Pokemon Games

1. Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire

pokemon ruby and saphire game

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire were the first constituents of the third generation of Pokemon. They preserved a lot of traditional controls but also introduced some amazing new features. The third generation of Pokemon is said to be a revolution in the gaming industry as it marked the beginning of advanced gameplay. Most of the other editions have incorporated the storyline from this edition.

Pokemon Ruby had exciting battle features, one versus one combat mode, and even the nature system for Pokemon. These games were initially released at the end of 2002 in Japan and the beginning of 2003 for the rest of the world.

2. Pokemon Emerald

Pokemon Emerald game

Pokemon Emerald is often cited as an extension to Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. It had a lot of connectivity with the game and used similar extensions and controls. Emerald was a version update in terms of storyline and some value added features.

It also introduced Pokemon contests across various categories so that players can have the taste of an actual tournament. The players were allowed an overhead mode in which the trainers can talk and interact amongst themselves. It also featured a device called PokeNav, which allowed the players to have a glimpse at the world map. PokeNav aided in upgrading the experience points and helped the trainers to advance further.

3. Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen

Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen

Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen functioned on the same storyline as the first generation of the game. They imitated the same sequence as the original story and allowed the users to have a glimpse of the real gameplay. They have assets from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, which enhance the experience while the trainer is set on the initial journey.

This version of Pokemon was released in 2004 after the roaring success of the original Pokemon Red and Green, which were released in 1996. This version was a part of the Pokemon’s role-playing series.

4. Pokemon Gaia (Rom Hack)

Pokemon Gaia

Pokemon Gaia was a hacked version to spice up the gameplay and to provide the players with new content. It is inspired by the original Pokemon Red but has Pokemons spanning all six generations.

The storyline was fairly unique as the plot involves an earthquake, which is all set to wreck the Orbtus region. You will be chosen as the messiah trainer who has to find the links and stop this catastrophe from happening. There were several other short modes apart from the story mode to keep the player entertained for a long while.

5. Pokemon Mega Power (Rom Hack)

Pokemon Mega Power

Pokemon Mega Power was cited as the clear hack of Pokemon Emerald. However, this version of the game used visuals in a slightly different manner. The sprites looked different, and the purpose of the game was to upgrade the character of Mewtwo.

Pokemon Mega Power enables you to choose the villain you want to face in combat. It is not defined by the gender choice which you make in the beginning. Mega Power did not feature a lot of music but used mind-boggling visuals to enhance the imagery of the game.

6. Pokemon Gold and Silver

Pokemon Gold and Silver game

Pokemon Gold and Silver acted as the first editions of the second generation of the series. It went a notch higher from the first generation by introducing hundreds of more Pokemons to elongate the journey of the trainer.

Although Pokemon Gold and Silver are separate games, their plot is more or less the same. You have to bind the common threads together to enjoy both games while establishing a common goal. This version of the game has often been cited as the best as it had random battle sequences that surprised the players.

7. Pokemon Ash Gray (Rom Hack)

Pokemon Ash Gray Game

Pokemon Ash Gray was structured on a completely different storyline. It was adapted from the Pokemon Indigo League Anime series and had a very different perspective from the rest of the editions.

It enabled the users to enter their names, but the character was fixed at Ash Ketchum. The story moved in close proximity to the actual TV show. To progress further, you had to watch the show and get a fair idea about the main plot twists.

The developers tweaked this edition of the game by enhancing Ash's capabilities as a trainer. They also upgraded his means of travel and added some more extra perks, which had to be unlocked as the story revolved.

8. Pokemon Yellow

Pokemon Yellow

Pokemon Yellow was a special edition that revolved around the most famous Pokemon called Pikachu. It was released in 1998.

The game was similar to its predecessors in terms of storyline, but it also featured some bits of the Indigo League. It did not allow the players to choose their first Pokemon, and instead, a wild Pikachu was allotted to everyone.

As the game moves forward, Pikachu evolves and faces a lot of exciting battles. Owing to the hype which this edition created, Nintendo also released a special yellow colored Gameboy.

9. Pokemon Pinball

Pokemon Pinball

Pokemon Pinball was a mini-game that got released in 1999. It was a small adaptation of the original pinball game but featured everything in terms of Pokemon. The ball used was a Pokeball, and the 151 species of Pokemon were the collectibles.

The mini-game also featured PokeDex, which was used to keep a tally of all the caught Pokemon. PokeDex saved progress from individual games so that the users did not have to start all over again.

The game had different fields, such as Red and Blue, which had different Pokemons. The trainer has to navigate through them both to catch them all.

10. Pokemon Glazed (Rom Hack)

Pokemon Glazed game

Pokemon glazed has resided on the apex of every gamer’s list. It is supposed to be one of the best hacks of the game, and it allowed the player some very unique quirks.

Glazed allowed you to select the initial five pokemon and then catch all the Pokemon across the six generations. It had various exciting features such as fairy mode and Mega Evolutions. Pokemon Glazed also presented a better storyline in which the trainer could rematch the gym leaders countless times.

Pokemon Glazed was somewhat identical to Pokemon Emerald and thus provided players with a fun-filled journey throughout the end.

Playing the Best Pokemon Games

Pokemon had various original and hack versions. Original versions were released in chronological order to advance with the storyline and to enjoy the exquisite candor.

Hacked versions came in as an add-on benefit that rejuvenated the whole playing experience for the players. They featured extreme plugins that revamped the whole process and made the user experience something new every time.

There are a lot of other variants of both original and hacked editions of the game, but we have sorted out the perfect blend for you. If you have a Game Boy Advance, your wait to decide on which edition to play is finally over!