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Most Popular Gaming Consoles Through The Years

Most Popular Gaming Consoles Through The Years

Video game manufacturers are burning the midnight oil to see to it that their console goes to the top. That includes updating new features like improving their graphics and diversifying characters. Unfortunately, this does not always work out for everyone. Some players in the market have built themselves a name and are not about to lose their position at the top. But there is always one factor that tells winners and losers in the video game industry apart – catering to the needs of the market. While most developers focus on what they think is good for the player, a few focus on what the player wants, and that is how their consoles become a bestseller. Below are the most popular consoles that have kept their place through the years.

Best-Selling Consoles in the History of Gaming

10. Nintendo Entertainment System


NES starts our list with 61 million units sold. Although the console is over three decades old, its impact is still being felt, thanks to its great ideas and a strong game list.

9. Game Boy Advance


You may not be familiar with this console but believe it or not, it sold more than 81 million units since its creation in 2001. Additionally, Nintendo reported the software sales of GBA console at close to 400 million. Nowadays, you can download GBA roms and get a Game Boy Advance true experience.

8. Xbox 360

Microsoft Xbox 360

Xbox 360 was another hit of the mid-2000s. However, like PS3 and other consoles, it failed to resonate with the audience even though its games were phenomenal. Microsoft stopped reporting the console’s sales in 2015, ten years since it was created. The total units sold by that period were 86, but we believe selling continued in the millions later on. The Xbox 360 console was made popular by its top-rated games such as Grand Theft Auto IV and V, as well as Bioshock.

7. PlayStation 3

Sony PS3

Another legendary console of the PlayStation series, PS3 has not seen much success like PS4 but it is still one of the most popular video game consoles ever. It has sold more than 86 million units over the years and it continues to do so. Some of the most popular games of the console include Grand Theft Auto IV, Uncharted 2, among others. Although the PS3 console had great ideas, it failed to resonate with its audience accordingly.

6. Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii’s highest-rated games include Super Mario Galaxy, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Twilight Princess, and The Legend of Zelda. The console probably has the easiest interface anyone could play. Additionally, Nintendo Wii console focused on casual everyday experiences that the majority of the audience can relate to. That made it very popular among a broader audience, not just the one it was intended for. With more than 102 million units sold, Nintendo Wii is the second most successful Nintendo console with the Nintendo Wii roms also appearing high on our charts.

5. PlayStation

Sony PSX

Although the original PlayStation 1 game console seemed to struggle at first, all subsequent PlayStations have it to thank for setting the pace. The console started when there was a bitter but silent rivalry between PlayStation and Nintendo when their proposed partnership failed. PlayStation decided to go solo and things worked out, though unexpectedly. Although it was not as advanced as its successors, it managed to sell 102 million copies by the time it was ended. It had games like Silent Hill, Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, Resident Evil 3, Tekken 3, among others. It is the most popular console most of us grew up with.

4. PlayStation 4

Sony PS4

PS4 is one of the most popular consoles for the current generation. Note that PlayStation always make improvement of its subsequent consoles and that explains why the PS4 console is following hotly sin the heels of PS2. The console’s popularity is rising fast, thanks to its strong line of games. It has sold 108 million copies so far and the figure is likely to rise given that it still has a long life cycle left. PS2 is unique in that the price is right for all the amazing things it comes with.

3. Game Boy (Color)


Game Boy was not only popular but is also one of the oldest to ever hit the market. Production started in 1989 and managed to sell 118 copies by the time it came to an end. And just like many other consoles, sales continued soring even after production had stopped. As for the Game Boy Color software, it is reported that the parent company sold over half a million of them, and that’s only the official figure.

2. Nintendo DS


Nintendo has been a force to reckon with but it is the company’s Nintendo DS that started in 2004 that has contributed most to its popularity. It is reported that the console sold more than 154 million copies by the time its production came to an end. Just like PS2, the Nintendo DS ROMs’ most impressive feature was the graphics. Additionally, the game had a very good user experience, thanks to the ease of navigation.

1. PlayStation 2

Sony PS2

Although its production has ended, PlayStation 2 remains to be the most popular console to brace our screens. Since its production in the year 2000, it has sold more than 150 million copies across the globe. The PS2 console was so popular that it nearly pushed some consoles out of the market. Sony has PS2 to thank its massive monetary gains by 2011. It is important to note that 159 million copies sold were only an official figure. The truth of the matter is the console continued to sell massively even after the video game’s production was stopped. PS2 was loved by gamers due to its excellent graphics and diverse characters and you can still get a first hand PS2 experience by exploring our Playstation 2 roms.

Neverending Gaming Experience

Although video game developers are revolutionizing the industry, the above 10 consoles will never be forgotten because of the impact they left on their audiences. Meanwhile, we can’t rule out the possibility of seeing consoles with monumental ideas in the future. But one thing is for sure, good things come from experience and we expect companies like Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony to continue giving us good things.