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List Of 25 Best-Selling PlayStation 1 Games

List Of 25 Best-Selling PlayStation 1 Games

The original PlayStation collaboration got canceled in the middle of the 1990s. A feud between Nintendo and Sony caused the launch of the historic PlayStation to come to a halt.

In 1994, the people of Japan were the first to experience 3D games using affordable discs. It eliminated the need for giving into expensive cartridges.

In 1995, the PlayStation system was launched worldwide and took the world by storm. The impressive 3D games and CD-free music was appreciated across the globe. The unparalleled success of the PS1 console led to the emergence of PS2, PS3, PS4, and PS5.

The best PlayStation 1 games of all times range from narrative-driven, noble-length RPGs to fast and intriguing races. The PS1 also has some of the best mind-boggling puzzles and thrilling action games. Our list includes some of the most influential and impressive games of the PS1 range.

Top 25 PlayStation 1 Games

25. Chrono Cross

chrono cross cover

The Chrono Trigger game is still remembered as a legendary game. However, its sequel failed to earn a similar reputation. Chrono Cross allows you to jump between two parallel timelines. The protagonist will see the parallel timeline while he dies as a child.

The game offers over 50 characters that are unique and recruitable. The Chrono Cross eventually ties the character to its first game. The game is a beautiful story about regret and loss that is portrayed through progression and combat.

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24. Xenogears

Xenogears cover

Xenogears is a fiercely-loved PS1 game that is worth checking out even today. The game delivers complicated religious and political themes with Jungian psychoanalysis. You play Fei Fong Wong, an amnesiac young man who tries to protect the world from a planet-killing weapon.

You will find here many active time fights and battles that resemble the style of Final Fantasy. You need to develop combos and manage various action points in the game.

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23. Vagrant Story

Vagrant Story cover

Developed by Yasumi Matsuno, the Vagrant Story delivers a razor focus. You play a single knight, Ashley Riot, who is on his way to kill a cult leader. The leader has supposedly kidnapped and absconded a noble family.

The game features real-time combat and pausable game settings. The game provides an armor system, tactical playground, and mechanical depth.

22. The Legend of Dragoon

The Legend of Dragoon cover

Sony marketed the game as a Final Fantasy Killer. The game revolves around an orphaned survivor named Dart. A rebel army has kidnapped your childhood friend in the game, and you are in charge of rescuing him. The game features traditional turn-based combat and motley crews.

The game delivers a mesmerizing dimension of risk, reward, and timing. Even though the game never became a franchise, it is still equally loved by the players and critics.

21. Dino Crisis

Dino Crisis cover

If you are not into Zombies yet like the survival horror games, then Dino Crisis is the one for you. The game revolves around the research facility on a secret island. You will meet genetically-mutated dinosaurs that are running through the entire place.

Dino Crisis is more of a panic horror video game with a high level of danger. The real-time 3D setting and great immersion features are still memorable.

20. Silent Hill

Silent Hill cover

The Silent Hill opened up new possibilities for video games with unparalleled cinematic horror. While games like Resident Evil relied more on zombie tropes and jump scares, Silent Hill delivers a surreal approach.

You will play the role of Harry Manson, who is on the lookout for his daughter. The story revolves around how the daughter goes missing while going on a vacation. You need to search through a thick layer of fog in Silent Hill, a creepy town. The game is generally played alone in a night time setting.

19. Resident Evil 2

Resident Evil 2 cover

The Resident Evil game features exploration, limited resources, puzzles, and two protagonists. You need to be strategic while playing the game. You can also revisit scenarios by utilizing the Zapping System multiple times.

Critics and players praised the visual improvement of the sequel. Many players still consider the Resident Evil 2 as a high watermark in the range of PlayStation games.

18. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 cover

The Tony Hawk Pro Skater game was a big success in 1999. The sequel revolves around the arcade-style of gameplay with spicy levels and creation tools. You can grind and flip over to open new levels and rack up more points.

The level-specific objectives and collectibles made the sequel more popular than the original Tony Hawk Pro Skater game. The Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 is still one of the most unparalleled games on the PlayStation.

17. Parasite Eve

Parasite Eve cover

Adapted from the contemporary and popular novel Parasite Eve, the game offers immersive design. It features equal parts of survival horror and action RPG. The story is about a New York City police who is trying his best to Eve from causing spontaneous combustion.

The game features real-time battles that can be paused. You can also target different body parts and use the Active Time Bar system. However, the game was overshadowed by modern games like The Evil Within, which offered pure RPGs and better survival tactics.

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16. Wild Arms

Wild Arms cover

The game stands apart from the rest owing to its high-conventional game setting and RPG. The Wild Arms blends the visuals of the old American West with the traditional fantasy tropes of JRPG. You will play Dream Chasers, a team of wandering adventurers in Filgaia.

The game integrates science and magic to create a compelling setting. You can play 3D battle sequences and use 2D sprites while exploring the arenas.

15. Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy VIII cover

Following the globally explosive success of Final Fantasy VII, the creators managed to keep the hype alive with its sequel. FF8 features characters that are realistically proportioned and designed. The game became popular for its sci-fi aesthetics that are infused with fantasies.

The game revolves around SeeD mercenaries and Squall Leonhart, who is on a quest to save the world. The game also features a breathtakingly beautiful romance Rinoa and Squall.

14. R4: Ridge Racer Type 4

R4: Ridge Racer Type 4 cover

While. The R4 game is ideal for racing fans who don't want realistic handling. It offers realistic-looking cars and arcade-style racing with a variety of modes and tracks. The game offers an experience that falls between Kart Racers and Gran Turismo.

13. Gran Turismo 2

Gran Turismo 2 cover

The Gran Turismo was a revolutionary game for the virtual gear heads of the PlayStation 1 era. The Gran Turismo 2 was one of the first games which offered a live racing feel.

The inorganic car materials, smooth forms, unparalleled physics, and graphics made the game a huge success.

The sequel introduced real-world cars with an incredible customization system. The game soon became a best-seller among regular gamers as well as car fans.

12. Jumping Flash

Jumping Flash cover

Developed in 1995, the Jumping Flash is one of the first video games with a truly 3D platforming. You will play the game as a robotic rabbit called Robbit.

The game requires you to collect four jump packs and explore six differently themed worlds.

You can triple jump in the mid-air while enjoying various powerups and temporary invincibility.

11. Rayman

Rayman cover

The game was released during the initial days of PlayStation's launch. Rayman comes with a stunningly beautiful 2D platformer with detailed graphics and colorful visuals.

You are required to jump and fight your way through the various world to save people and defeat bosses.

10. Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot cover

You are required to play as an Australian marsupial, a mutant bandicoot who is on a quest to protect the world.

You need to prevent Dr. Neo Cortex and his team of mutant animals from taking over the world. The game facilitates powerups, jumping challenges, and patrolling enemies.

The Crash Bandicoot game was highly praised due to its breathtaking visuals and graphics. The vibrant characters of this iconic game are memorable to date.

9. Tekken 3

Tekken 3 cover

While Street Fighter established itself as the standard of fighting games, the Tekken range focused on 3D graphics. The Tekken 3 game set the bar for high 3D fighting and gameplay.

This game eliminates the hyperbolic jumping while allowing each character to sidestep around their opponents smoothly.

The game offers a magnificently diversified character roster with impressive graphics and classic tools.

8. Street Fighter Alpha 3

Street Fighter Alpha 3 cover

The Street Fighter started the fighting franchise on PlayStation and is still one of the most sought after games today. The game delivers a roster of about 34 combatants derived from the history of the whole series.

You may feel that the sprite-based 2D graphics make the game old-dated. However, the game still holds up incredibly well as one of the best-refined entries in the franchise of the Street Fighter range.

7. Bushido Blade

Bushido Blade cover

Bushido Blade is one of the most prominent feudal Japanese fighting games. This weapon-based game is the creation of Light Weight, a popular Japanese game studio. The Bushido Blade delivers unparalleled realism with a punctuated and tactical tempo.

Bushido Blade is one of the most prominent feudal Japanese fighting games. This weapon-based game is the creation of Light Weight, a popular Japanese game studio. The Bushido Blade delivers unparalleled realism with a punctuated and tactical tempo.

6. Tomb Raider 2

Tomb Raider 2 cover

The Tomb Raider game was the founder of the 3D adventure game genre. The sequel of the game eliminated the cartoon mascots and introduced more iconic characters. The game's main character Lara Croft gained worldwide popularity and is popular even today.

The game incorporates a blend of puzzle-solving, exploration, combat, and platforming. You will find here more refined controls and bigger arenas.

5. Ace Combat 2

Ace Combat 2 cover

The Ace Combat 2 comes with an arcade-style design that facilitates gameplay. It delivers semi-realistic physics and hardcore objective-based missions. It allows you to carry more missiles than the actual capacity of a jet. Hardcore players can fly with enhanced realism by accessing the difficulty settings.

You can unlock more resources by successfully hitting all your targets. The gameplay boasts a relatively linear mission that favors performance over a simulation.

4. Tenchu: The Stealth Assassins

Tenchu: The Stealth Assassins cover

Acquire, the Japanese Studio developed this game to truly embrace the powers of the ninja. The game is all about how the stealthy infiltrator relies on his wits, reflexes, weapons, and tools to survive. This feudal Japanese game runs parallel to the nuclear melodrama of the Metal Gear Solid game.

You will lose all your existing tools in case of mission failures. The fun flavor, fantastical 3D elements, and human touch made the game a huge success.

3. Twisted Metal 2

Twisted Metal 2 cover

Creator David Jaffe developed Twisted Metal, one of his most prominent works on PlayStation. He later created many popular games like God of War and others. The game revolves around a plethora of 3D armored vehicles and arms.

The powerups and projectile weapons are scattered throughout the ruins of popular cities across the globe. The sequel to Twisted Metal includes more arenas, vehicles, and multiplayer modes. A dispute between SingleTrac and Sony caused the subsequent models of TM2 to be less popular.

2. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night cover

The Symphony of the Night was introduced to the Castlevania series was the game was already a decade old. The franchise expanded the video game with non-linear exploration, RPG loot, and progression.

The game is all about the son of Dracula, Alucard. Alucard decides to slay the monstrous inhabitants of the castle to protect humanity from Dracula. The product stood out for its rich and beautiful 3D sprites that eliminated the crude 2D imagery.

1. Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid cover

The period between PlayStation's Metal Gear and PC's Thief: The Dark Project was revolutionary. This year witnessed many modern stealth games. Creator Hideo Kojima created two lesser-known video games.

You can play the game as Solid Snake, the special ops soldier who invades the hideout of a scamp unit. The unit was supposed to be endangering the United States.

The Snake comes with a plethora of tools for tackling the guards while evading the place. The nuclear mythology, Kojima's baroque, and deep gameplay makes it one of the most tactical games that you will ever play.

Have a Wonderful Throwback

Whether you are on a major throwback spree or running a video game emulator, these PS1 games are worth your attention. If you are craving nostalgia, check out these old yet memorable PlayStation 1 games.