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How Much Is an Original PlayStation One (PS1) Worth In Today's Market

How Much Is an Original PlayStation One (PS1) Worth In Today's Market

You’re wrong if you think the latest generations of PlayStation are the most expensive ones on the market. Indeed, they’re pricey and they come with impressive features. But believe it or not, that old dusty PS1 thrown in a box in the attic can be just as expensive for the right collector.

Here’s the market value for the most popular consoles in this range, many of them considered collectibles these days.

How Much Is a Sony PlayStation 1 (PS1) Worth Today?playstation 1

A PlayStation 1 in good condition, without any major signs of wear and tear, will most likely sell for around $100 to $400. From my previous searches, this is only a general price. It can go a few times higher if the unit is new and sealed and even higher if it comes with a few original games as well.

How Much Is a Sony PlayStation One (PS One) Worth Today?ps one

You can find a PS One for sale for anywhere between $50 and $200. A used, yet working console will sell for less than $100. If sealed and never used, but also bundled with a few games, the price will easily exceed $200.

What Are the Key Differences Between PS1 and PS One?psone and playstation 1

The size is the main difference between these two consoles. There are no major advantages for one of the others. Some people prefer the slim and small design of PS One, while others prefer the classic iconic build. It’s only a matter of personal preferences.

Other than that, it’s worth noting that the PS1 is compatible with more peripherals than the PS One.

How Much Is an Used PlayStation Classic Worth Now?

From personal experience, PlayStation Classic wouldn’t be considered a collectible today. You can find a brand new console, never used, for less than $100, without even searching too hard. Used models can be sold for anything between $20 and $40, depending on the condition.

How Much Is an Original PS1 Controller Worth Now?playstation 1 controller

A used original PS1 controller can sell for as little as $10. If it comes in the original box and it’s brand new, prices may go up to $40. Despite its age, I wouldn’t consider it a collectible. You can usually tell from the price.

Market Value of PlayStation 1 Attachments and Addons

Attachments and addons are usually compatible with newer consoles too, so they're not collectibles, hence their low prices. For example, you could find thumb sticks, cables, or extensions for less than $5. Controllers can sell for anything between $10 and $20. A laser lens will be around the same price, $20.

How Much Is Original PS1 Memory Card Worth?playstation-memory-card

Memory cards for the original PS1 sell for around $10. It depends on whether they’re new or used, as well as the packaging. I’ve found cards for less than $10, as well as cards that were slightly overpriced, going for over $20.

How Much Is The PlayStation 1 Multitap Worth Today?playstation1-multitap

A simple search through auction websites and stores reveals a fluctuating price for the PlayStation 1 multitap. Normally, the controller will sell for around $30 to $40, even if it has the original box. This price is for used controllers.

You may need an adapter too, which is usually less than $10.

How Much Is The Original Sony PS1 Mouse Worth Now?sony-playstation1-mouse

Sold in a used condition, the original PS1 mouse can go for $15 to $40. A full package will put the price higher, but still under $50. If new and in the original box, an original Sony PS1 mouse can score over $100.

How Much Is an Original PlayStation GunCon(G-Con) Worth?playstation-guncon-g-con

Depending on its condition, a used gun will cost between $15 and $50. Newer models in original boxes will cost slightly more than that. But then again, it’s still widely available, so it’s not considered a collectible unit.

When sold loose and with no extras, the price can go under $10 on auction websites.