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10 Best Final Fantasy Games of All Time - Editor's Choice

10 Best Final Fantasy Games of All Time - Editor's Choice

The first Final Fantasy game was released all way back in 1987 with the simple name (Final Fantasy only). After that, we were able to see a new release every single year. Yes, there are a lot of versions of the game with the same name and each one brought new features, better graphics, and more. The goal here is the ability to present you top 10 games of this franchise that are simply the best. Let’s begin.

Our List of Greatest Final Fantasy Games

10. Dissidia Final Fantasy

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Dissidia Final Fantasy was an [important name in the series. It tried to make Final Fantasy a classic combat game. Now players were able to enjoy fighting between Sephiroth and Cloud which was a big deal. Despite a lot of effort, the game wasn’t a success and it is forgotten these days.

One reason why is the plot which is shallow and even boring. But, keep in mind that this is a combat game so there is no need for a detailed plot. It was impossible for developers to make a great story when they had to mix different universes, characters, and even different worlds.

9. Final Fantasy XII

Final Fantasy XII

The sequel we have here is another, also special title on the list of Final Fantasy games. Reasons for that are a new combat system that became desirable and extremely popular. The mechanics are all new as well. The game is a single-player genre and came in 3D design. All combined, it was a recipe for success. We also liked the fact this sequel made the entire franchise popular again.

The biggest drawback of the game was the plot. It was boring and lacked details. Characters were identical. They were not good. You can see Vaan (who is the main character), Fran, and Balthier, and all of them are honestly annoying.

Final Fantasy IV

Final Fantasy IV

Here is one sequel of the game that many players don’t like, but more love it. It follows the story of Cecil and it offered a new combat system called ATB. Thanks to these and a few more things, the game was extremely successful and appealing.

One of the main advantages is the list and detailed characters present through the game. Each one is developed to perfection and each one has a deep and long story. We can see the same passion invested into the general story of the game. Also, combats are better than ever and they do deserve your attention.

Final Fantasy IV for Nintendo DS, Final Fantasy IV for Playstation Portable, Final Fantasy IV for Super Nintendo

7. Final Fantasy XI

Final Fantasy XI

Final Fantasy XI is an MMORPG game and one of the most important for Final Fantasy series in general. This version helped the people understand that the franchise has a huge potential for online gaming and it is the direction it should take.

It is also one game that made Final Fantasy popular and commonly seen on consoles as well. It shared all the best things from the series with all the right ingredients from MMORPG so it is special. It may be obsolete for modern gamers, but it is still worthy.

6. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Final Fantasy XIV - A Realm Reborn

Final Fantasy XIV wasn’t a very popular game. But the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn was. It offered new mechanics, a new and more detailed plot, and also many new additions that actually made the old game completely different.

The comeback story is desirable and interesting in the lack of better words. This is one of the sequels you must try if you want to travel back in time and check out why Final Fantasy has been so popular. Also, gamers expect another wrong sequel. Instead, they got one of the best.

5. Final Fantasy Tactics

Final Fantasy Tactics

Final Fantasy Tactics doesn’t look like a typical game from this series, but this makes it special. It is more a mixture between Final Fantasy and also Ogre Battle. The strategic elements are detailed, loaded with appealing options, and advanced, especially for the time when it was released.

The game follows the life and journey of Ramza. He will lose, win and redeem during the game and your mission is to help him do all of that. The mechanics in this version are completely different than in any other. This is another reason why it is special. Honestly, this is a gem you will like or hate. There is no partial attitude.

4. Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy VIII is one of the most special games in the franchise. Players had the ability to extract magic from the monsters and enemies. The graphics is decent and the music is stunning. There is a nice story that is presented to players in a bizarre way! One thing you need to know about this sequel is how easy it is to play. For some layers, this will be a drawback, while others like it.

We must add that this sequel is simply too similar to the VII version. The mechanics and the systems are almost identical. That’s why the game never actually met the full potential like the previous game.

3. Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI

There is only one reason why we can explain why the game is placed here. It is perfect. First and foremost, we have a story that is extraordinary. It is fun, loaded with details, puzzles, secrets and so much more. The game is capable to draw you inside the world and make you want to live there. That’s why it is considered by many one of the best games of all time, not only in this franchise.

The characters share the same benefit. They are detailed, realistic and you can see them struggle in the world. The graphics is nothing special. After all, this is an old game. The character’s progression is advanced and sophisticated and can actually be compared with some, new games!

2. Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII

For many players, the Final Fantasy VII is the ultimate sequel and they will play no other. For others, it is one of the best. We are some of those gamers. The game is really important in the franchise due to obvious reasons. It started using science fiction elements that have been present in all newer games. This version set the pace and the foundation for all other sequels so you can see the importance.

Sephiroth and Aeris alongside Cloud are the best-known aspects of the game. Believe it or not, these are recognized even by people who never played the game. The bottom line is simple. This version is legendary!

1. Final Fantasy I

final fantasy I

Final Fantasy I is the game that all started and has been a game-changer. As such, it has to be on the list. Add the fact that many players want to start by playing this version and proceed to the new ones and you can deduce why it is ranked as number one. The game was released for NES and Famicom. These days you can even play it on iOS and Android devices.

Another reason why this game is on our list is the fact it saved the company from bankruptcy. For modern gamers, it can be boring and graphics is obsolete. But, it is still fun and nice to play. There is a re-release of the game that comes with additional options and levels.

Picking Your Favorite Final Fantasy Game

These are the best Final Fantasy games of all time. Some are old, others are even older, but all of them have the X factor which makes them special. Now is your turn to pick a sequel you like and play it. Don’t forget that all of these games do deserve your attention and they are outstanding, period.