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Best Pokémon ROM Hacks You Should Definitely Try

Best Pokémon ROM Hacks You Should Definitely Try

Pokemon titles are absolute favorites of every console gamer across the globe. However, releasing new editions is quite time-consuming, and the craze makes it hard to wait. To strike a balance, developers of the franchise have introduced ROM hacks for all popular Pokemon titles. While some editions bring a completely new experience, others have potential tweaks. You can download and emulate these hacks on your smartphones, PCs, and handheld consoles to enjoy with friends and family. The following article talks about some evergreen ROM hacks for Pokemon games.

10 Best Pokemon Hacks Ever

1) Pokemon GS Chronicles

Pokemon GS Chronicles

Pokemon GS conveniently tops the list of the most preferred ROM hacks, thanks to the inclusion of Pokemon Gold and Silver titles. These games are popular as the most cherished Pokemon editions of the Game Boy Color platform. Talking about the ROM hack, the latter has been subjected to tweaking improvements, upgrades, and modifications. The original storyline remains unchanged but has incorporated more depth.

The major appeals of this hack are Mega Evolutions; Pokemon from Generations IV to VI, new regions, HGSS-based maps, time-centered wild Pokemon, and HM replacing Pokemon Rides. The title undergoes regular updates to facilitate bug fixes. The vast player community is there to guide you wherever you get stuck with the game.

2) Pokemon Team Rocket Edition

Pokemon Team Rocket Edition

Next in the line is the aforesaid ROM hack that is better known as the remake of Pokemon Fire Red. The hack allows you to play as the antagonist in Team Rocket. You will follow all the evil practices of cheating, stealing, etc., for clearing your way to the top. In a nutshell, the game takes you on an interesting journey, where you get to know a lot of new things about Team Rocket.

The game introduces you to a series of conspiracy theories crafted by Pokemon lovers; as you move on to steal other players' Pokemon. You will be amazed to find some of the most familiar characters in the storyline in a completely changed perspective. If you have enjoyed the Game Boy Color editions, this ROM hack is dedicated to you.

3) Pokemon Light Platinum

Pokemon Light Platinum

This edition of the Pokemon ROM hack has a storyline that is centered on the evergreen titles of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. Set in the Lauren and Zhery regions, the storyline includes WesleyFG, in the Elite Four team. The latter is credited with being the hack’s leading inspiration. The game further incorporates Pokemon species from the regions of Unova, Sinnoh, Hoenn, Johto, and Kanto.

The hack grants you the liberty to travel across different locations while catching all Pokemon that come your way within the Unova region. You also get a chance to participate in the Pokemon World Championship in the title's climax. The quest needs to be completed to close the game. Admirers of the Ruby and Sapphire versions will find this ROM hack no less than a treat.

4) Pokemon Gaia

Pokemon Gaia

This ROM hack title is again Pokemon Fire Red hack that is packed with a series of twists and turns. The quest begins with Professor Redwood getting tensed on noticing the acceleration in seismic activities of the landscape. He then tasks the local Pokemon trainers with the responsibility of finding out the underlying reason. The hack includes Pokemon species from the regions of Unova, Sinnoh, Hoenn, Johto, Kanto, and Kalos.

This leads to the creation of a mixed team of Pokemon from all the generations released to date. You can train the caught Pokemon with all the modernized abilities and initiate their mega evolution in the Pokemon combats. All the moves, HMs, trainers, building illustrations, and stripes are updated to make the title different from the customary Fire Red hacks. The latter permits you to explore underwater regions and climb walls.

5) Pokemon Glazed

Pokemon Glazed

This Pokemon ROM hack is a treat for lovers of mystery and adventure. The storyline talks of chaos and confusion after a sudden problem dawns upon the region. An unknown power is determined to make the real world collide with the Pokemon world. The player is tasked with the responsibility of investigating the underlying reason. You need to traverse through the entire region, and encounter weird Pokemon species, an angry scarfed Pikachu, and the ancient remains.

On your 12th birthday, you are allowed to select one of 5 types of starters. Weird Pokemon species from the Rankor, Johto, and Tunod landscapes come to facilitate you with an odd set of Pokemon to capture and train. You can try catching the exclusive Dream World Pokemon to understand the game's plot. The hack permits you to catch all the Pokemon species between the Kanto and Sinnoh regions and 8 other from the Unova region.

6) Pokemon Dark Rising

Pokemon Dark Rising

Pokemon Dark Rising takes you to a dreamland where a Pokemon species seeks your help to protect the world. This medium-range Pokemon ROM hack allows you to catch and train 380 different Pokemon species from Unova, Sinnoh, Johto, Hoenn, and Kanto landscapes. The main plot remains unaltered with the presence of Gyms, antagonists, and puzzling quests.

The hack is packed with the contemporary Pokemon species, advanced features, and moves with improved graphics. The latter is the best choice for gamers who prefer staying in the mainstream but are inclined towards certain features of the contemporary Pokemon generation.

7) Pokemon Flora Sky

Pokemon Flora Sky

This one is a combat-oriented Pokemon hack that kicks off with a fierce battle between the Palkia and Dialga Pokemon species. At the end of the duel, the fighting Pokemon head to the open portal amid the Town World landscapes. They set Giratina free in the location, inviting a series of problems. The players are tasked with the responsibility to shut the portal before any major mishap takes place.

Other tasks of the players include training all their caught Pokemon species to combat against Team Aqua and Team Magma. These antagonist groups are keen on capturing the legendary Pokemon species to rule the world unethically. The hack boasts of a brand-new storyline with exciting events. The title features many new character inclusions, which may not go well with your preferences. You can catch legendary Pokemon and play a host of mini-games.

8) Pokemon Brown

Pokemon Brown

Pokemon Brown is counted in the list of inaugural ROM hacks of the game. The latter follows the customary pattern of GameBoy titles, but with a few modifications in the game plot. The storyline is set in the new landscape of Rijon and introduces ten new areas, along with a Johto city and 20 novel traversing routes.

The hack further brings in 7 new Pokemon species that were not a part of Pokemon Red and Blue. This one is a cherished Pokemon title, packed with all the new inclusions of landscapes, quests, and Pokemon species. The game does not need frequent tweaking and hence, is not regularly updated. All said and done, the hack is a perfect mix of novelty and nostalgia.

9) Pokemon Prism

Pokemon Prism

This title is popular as the best ROM hack you could ever come across. The story kicks off with a little boy playing with a minecart. An accidental spin of the machine takes him to an entirely new region of Naljo. The plot revolves around the corrupt world of the newly found region. As a player of the game, you are required to search for the missing Larvitar. The latter assists you in restoring the region to its good times.

Quite larger than Johto, the landscape features more than 250 Pokemon species from 4 different areas. The hack also introduces the Sound, Gas, and Fairy classes of Pokemon species, making it an awesome quest. Traversing through the region, you will be solving puzzles, visiting new areas, and catching legendary Pokemon species. You can also collect 80 Gold Coins to unlock some amazing stuff and play a series of mini-games and side quests.

10) Pokemon Phoenix Rising

Pokemon Phoenix Rising

Last but not the least; the aforesaid ROM hack is created by Pokemon lovers in the role-playing genre. The title is a free utility released in the episodic format and designed using the Pokemon Essentials engine and RPG Maker XP. The game progresses in the Hawthorne region and incorporates a significant number of changes in comparison to the mainstream Pokemon titles. The game tries to strike a balance between the newly introduced elements and the traditional aspects of role-playing Pokemon games.

The title boasts a stunningly new Pokemon gaming alternative, bearing enough similarity with the Nintendo DS hacks in appearance and graphics. Playing the game, you will come across the most exciting features of multiple file saving, character customization, choice-based gameplay moments, skill trees, etc. Hold on! The best is yet to come. The title features Mega Evolutions, relic forms, and region evolutions for rendering the best Pokemon gaming experience ever!

Pokemon ROM hacks are immensely popular among the admirers of the series and mainstream titles. You can enjoy these as a consolation while waiting for the new Pokemon releases to pop up in the gaming world.